The Unique Selling Preposition of Horn Products

The cow is glorified by the nomadic African tribes like the Masai of Kenya, The Hima of Uganda and the Tutsi of Rwanda to mention but a few. Indeed the cow is the epitome of life, in these tribes.
Gracious and Mysterious legends are recounted with passion and reverence in these communities and hence the lending of a new lease of life to cow horn waste by making these products, is adorable.
Legend has it that adorning in cow horn accessories imparts the aphrodisiac power of a bull to men, while copious milk production is the talent of breast feeding mothers. More legendary beliefs say the cow descended from heaven as a god send, and hence it’s revered in some communities. Preserving the last bits of it’s waste is a tribute to nature.

How Horns can be Shaped into a Unique Design

Once the inner muscle is separated from the shell and we are left with the hollow horn, these are then selected and cut to size according to the product to be made out of them. Looking at the Round bowl, once the pieces are cut, they are taken for boiling to be able to acquire the unique beautiful shapes. Horn primarily consists of keratin, when you heat the horn it becomes malleable since it takes on a plasticity that allows it to be flattened, molded or bent, which then hardens once it has cooled. In this case, the heated horn piece is placed into a round mold under a pressing machine for around 5 minutes. It’s then removed after five minutes and placed in water to cool down and maintain the new acquired round shape
Having cooled down , the bowl is now ready to go through the process of cleaning, bleaching and 5 layers of sanding to attain a smooth and clean finished product ready to be polished with a polishing cloth and wax.
In addition to its ductility, this material was, and still is, appreciated for its natural colouring, which becomes highly refined once it has been polished. Must appreciate the fact that each piece is made one by one and has to go through that same process.

How standing Horns are Designed.

Standing Horns are used as decoration products for Homes, Hotels and any desired place to enrich, they go through 5 stages of sanding than to polish.
The sanding process take following stages: Sanding paper 60, Sanding paper 120, Sanding paper 320, Sanding paper 600, and Sanding paper 1200.
Then the standing horn polished with polishing wax for the shinning touch.