Every person has a story:  The story of horn products Artisan is about empowering young women, giving dignified work to young men and delivering high quality horn products to you, the discerning and socially conscious buyer.
Horn Products Uganda is about creating stories of change and transformation in the lives of a growing number of families and communities in Uganda by training artisans, designing great horn products and connecting their work to the global market.  Every person who is involved from around the world has a unique story – from the artisans who produce beautiful handcrafted products, to the consumers on the other side of the globe who enjoy, appreciate and share them.
Putting people ahead of profits doesn’t mean that we compromise on our designs or quality.  Quite the opposite our designers work hand in hand with our artisans to create wearable horn art with global appeal.  Great value is placed on preserving the local culture and history of previous generations in Uganda, traditional crafts and methods are employed and most horn products are made by our company.


This father of four children, is an extremely talented carver. Bosco creates anything from a tiny bead to a face of a person (mask) from cow horn. With an eye for detail, he can do just about anything.
He is highly skilled with experience of over 20 years in the horn industry and 5yrs as a carver with wood. His father was a wood carver who was naturally talented and could make anything that could be made from wood.
This is where Bosco picked the talent at an early stage of just 10yrs and started making products out of wood with simple tools, and when he joined the horn industry back then life became more interesting because he was curving using better and improved machines, which made work easier.
He is now one of the trainers in the company, highly paid, very happy and contented.


Owori is that guy in life who is superficially talented. The craft pieces he makes are perfect in every way.
He was born 27 years ago in a family of 17 children, unfortunately the father died in 2008 when he was still in school and the mother alone could not support and carry all the 17 children through school. So at the age of 19, he decided to come to Kampala city to look for work so that he could help his mother back home and also fend for his future. Good enough, he had a brother who was already working in Kampala with horn. He joined the brother and quickly learnt the skills. He later joined Horn products Limited in 2010 where he has perfected his skills and has also gained much experience.
The father of three children and a wonderful wife, is now very happy and contented. He says his future is in horn production only and is not thinking of anything else. At the age of 27, he has already bought a big chunk of land and also built a big house for himself plus helping his siblings and mother. He believes also that we learn art every day, so the sky is the limit for this young and enthusiastic man.